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The Value of a Buyer’s Agent

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Picking the right Realtor is important to finding your next home at the best possible price. I look forward to understanding your needs and your goals in depth. When you are ready, our relationships, resources and follow-up will open the most doors for you and your family.  I will:

  1. Open doors for you.
    1. Get you access to the best home before they are listed publicly
    2. Introduce you to the best home inspectors and contractors
    3. Connect you with the best lenders, closing attorneys and insurance brokers
  1. Save you money every step of the way.
    1. Negotiate the best possible price
    2. Ensure you get the best possible mortgage with the lowest fees
    3. Ensure you get the best possible insurance premiums and lowest closing fees
  1. Save you time, making the process more enjoyable.
    1. We can see 3-5 homes in 90 minutes
    2. We will expand your options beyond the current inventory
    3. We have a list of the best lenders, inspectors, attorneys, contractors and handymen
  1. Protect your interests, give you “peace of mind,” and solve problems
    1. We understand Purchase Contracts
    2. We know the sold and current inventory, and understand the market trends
    3. We know the local area (e.g. flight path, traffic patterns, flood prone areas)
  2. Helping you to understand our negotiation process
    1. 24 terms to negotiate in addition to price
    2. Specific contingencies to protect your interest
    3. 15 inspections commonly performed

Please consider, it does not cost you anything to have the #1 Anytime Realty team and I find you the best home of your choice at the best price, saving you time, aggravation and money during the process. My team and I will ensure you and your families interests are protected above all else- whereas the listing agent works by law for the seller only. I will provide you significant leverage and peace of mind throughout the process.

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