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Monthly Archives: January 2020

    Make the Dream of Homeownership a Reality in 2020

    By Taylor Swanson | January 30, 2020

    In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. led and inspired a powerful movement with his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Through his passion and determination, he sparked interest, ambition, and courage in his audience. Today, reflecting on his message encourages many of us to think about our own dreams, goals, beliefs, and aspirations. For many... Read More

    Housing Inventory Vanishing: What Is the Impact on You?

    By Taylor Swanson | January 20, 2020

    The real estate market is expected to do very well this year as mortgage rates remain at historic lows. One challenge to the housing industry is the lack of homes available for sale. Last week, released a report showing that 2020 is beginning with the lowest available housing inventory in two years. The report... Read More

    Homes Are More Affordable Today, Not Less Affordable

    By Taylor Swanson | January 20, 2020

    There’s a current narrative that owning a home today is less affordable than it has been in the past. The reason some are making this claim is because house prices have substantially increased over the last several years. It’s not, however, just the price of a home that matters. Homes, in most cases, are purchased... Read More

    2020 Luxury Market Forecast

    By Taylor Swanson | January 16, 2020

    By the end of last year, many homeowners found themselves with more equity than they realized, and at the same time their wages were increasing. When those two factors unite, it can spark homeowners to think about making a move to a larger or more expensive home in the luxury space. That said, now is... Read More

    There’s a Long Line of Buyers Waiting for Your House

    By Taylor Swanson | January 14, 2020

    If you’re following what’s happening in the housing market right now, you know that many people believe the winter months aren’t a good time to sell a home. As Senior Economist George Ratiu recently noted, “Sellers tend to be more reluctant to list during the colder time of year when the market typically makes... Read More

    Big Demand for Small Homes

    By Taylor Swanson | January 9, 2020

    Movies, tv shows, and celebrities often have us dreaming of owning large homes, but the reality for most people is quite different. Since 2015, the square footage of newly built houses has been shrinking, according to Yahoo Finances. This is not projected to change as we continue into the beginning of the year. “We expect... Read More

    3 Benefits to Buying Your Dream Home This Year

    By Taylor Swanson | January 7, 2020

    Outside of a strong economy, low unemployment, and higher wages, there are three more great reasons why you may want to consider buying your dream home this year instead of waiting. 1. Buying a Home is a Great Investment Several reports indicate that real estate is a good investment, topping other options such as gold,... Read More

    The 2020 Real Estate Projections That May Surprise You

    By Taylor Swanson | January 4, 2020

    This will be an interesting year for residential real estate. With a presidential election taking place this fall and talk of a possible recession occurring before the end of the year, predicting what will happen in the 2020 U.S. housing market can be challenging. As a result, taking a look at the combined projections from... Read More

    Expert Insights on the 2020 Housing Market

    By Taylor Swanson | January 3, 2020

    When closing out another year, it’s normal to wonder what’s ahead for the housing market. Though there will be future inventory issues, we expect interest rates to stay low and appreciation to continue. Here’s what three experts are saying we’ll likely see in 2020: Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at “I think the biggest surprise... Read More

    Why You Shouldn’t “For Sale By Owner”

    By Taylor Swanson | January 2, 2020

    Rising home prices coupled with the current inventory in today’s market may cause some homeowners to consider selling their homes on their own (known in the industry as a For Sale By Owner). However, a FSBO might be hard to execute well for the vast majority of sellers. Here are the top 5 reasons not... Read More