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Monthly Archives: March 2017

    Access: A Key Component in Getting Your House SOLD!

    By Don Parsons | March 11, 2017

    So, you’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve hired a real estate professional to help you with the entire process, and they have asked you what level of access you want to provide to potential buyers. There are four elements to a quality listing. At the top of the list is Access, followed by Condition,... Read More

    Housing Market Expected to “Spring Forward”

    By Don Parsons | March 11, 2017

    Just like our clocks this weekend in the majority of the country, the housing market will soon “spring forward!” Similar to tension in a spring, the lack of inventory available for sale in the market right now is what is holding back the market. Many potential sellers believe that waiting until Spring is in their best interest,... Read More

    Over Half of All Buyers Are Surprised by Closing Costs

    By Don Parsons | March 11, 2017

    According to a recent survey conducted by ClosingCorp, over half of all homebuyers are surprised by the closing costs required to obtain their mortgage. After surveying 1,000 first-time and repeat homebuyers, the results revealed that 17% of homebuyers were surprised that closing costs were required at all, while another 35% were stunned by how much higher the fees... Read More

    Thinking of Selling? Do it TODAY!!

    By Don Parsons | March 11, 2017

    That headline might be a little aggressive. However, as the data on the 2017 housing market begins to roll in, we can definitely say one thing: If you are considering selling, IT IS TIME TO LIST YOUR HOME! The February numbers are not in yet, but the January numbers were sensational. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist for theNational... Read More